Heres how Nonna Sylvia's works.

Nonna Sylvia's is available for delivery on

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Deliveries begin at 2:30 pm.

Deliveries begin in Malden and proceed to outlying communities.

Nonna Sylvia's is also available for pickup on

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Pickup on these 3 day are between 11am & 2pm.

There is no pickup option on Friday's.


Same day orders regardless of Delivery or Pickup must be in by 12:30 pm.

All orders received after 12:30pm will be considered as future orders. 

 You can place your order via our online platform

or by calling us at the Cafe @ 781.321.3890.

Any questions feel free to call us @ the Cafe or email us.

We hope you enjoy NONNA SYLVIA'S!

Godersi il cibo!